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Let's Get Healthy 
1x1 Consulting & Group Sessions 

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FREE Consultation

Get a sneak peek at my personalized, 1x1 health coaching with a free consultation! Join me in a one time, 30-minute session. 

Are you interested in taking the leap but still not sure on how this all works? Lets chat to see if this is what you are looking for. 


3- Month Program 

What's included in the Balance program?

-Two one on one sessions every month

-Personalized goal setting

-Tailored workout action plan

-Customized healthy eating action plan

-Virtual support and accountability between sessions

-Access to the Balance by Bri Community



Balance Goal Setting Session


Bring Balance to your Organization

Bring health and wellness to your organization. Bri can tailor a presentation, exercise class or team-building activity to your organization's needs -work-life balance, healthy meals and snacks to have at work, importance of movement, stress management, goal setting and much more.

What's included in the Balance goal setting session?

-One 90 minute session

-Personalized goal setting

-Tailored plan for you to tackle your health goals

-Access to the Balance by Bri Community 

FREE Consultation
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